MoroccanTan is the original fast-acting spray tan solution, made from nutrient rich Argan Oil and Rosehip. A MoroccanTan gives your skin a supple, hydrated and natural-looking bronze glow in 1, 2 and 4 hours.

MoroccanTan harnesses the properties of naturally-derived and ethically-sourced ingredients from across the globe. The MoroccanTan range is fast-drying, non-oily and non-sticky, free of parabens, sulphates, PEG, is cruelty free and vegan-friendly.

The MoroccanTan Original Collection offers a range of green based shades that adapt to individual skin tones to ensure the flawless finish that looks and feels just as every tan should. Available in:

Original - all skin types, ideal choice for a medium bronze.

Bronze - olive complexions, deepest, darkest olive colour.

Coco - the deepest, darkest olive colour for all skin types.

Wash ‘n’ Wear 2 hour tan. For darker results leave on the skin for up to 8 hours. 

MoroccanTan Original Collection

30min     |     $40.00

MoroccanTan Exotic Collection

MoroccanTan Exotic Collection contains enhanced violet bronzers mixed with deep ashy browns that uniquely react with each skin type to ensure a perfect bronze tan (NO orange tones) with added moisture and firming technology for a longer lasting spray tan. Available in:

Dusk - a deep exotic tan suitable for all skin types.

Nights - deepest, darkest exotic tan for olive complexions.

Wash 'n' Wear 1hr & 4hr tans. For darker results leave on the skin for up to 6-8 hours.

30min     |     $40.00

MoroccanTan Accelerated (30min)

Uniquely designed to suit all complexions, MoroccanAccelerated (16%) delivers the darkest and most intense finish within the MoroccanTan range. Ultra bronzers, boosted melanin tanning technology and a 48 hour hydration complex ensures the skin receives a continuous surge of hydration, resulting in healthy, luminous and protected skin.

Wash 'n' Wear 30 minute tan. For darker results leave on the skin for up to 4 hours. This solution achieves its best colour 48hrs after application.

30min     |     $45.00