A nurturing and soothing Swedish massage which reduces mental stress and body tension loosening the superficial muscle structure and improving general well being.

A light to medium pressured massage designed for peaceful relaxation.

Relaxation Massage

1 hr     |     $80.00

90min    |     $110.00

Therapeutic Aromatherapy Essential Oil massage promotes healing, relaxation and a comforting feeling of well-being.

Using carefully selected high-grade therapeutic and ethically sourced essential oils, this massage is blended on consultation to your individual needs. Deep inhalations complete this holistic approach.

A light to medium lymphatic-styled massage.

Aroma Massage

90min     |     $120.00

Bring balance and release deep held tension with this combination of Deep Tissue massage and Shiatsu techniques as they work to re-align the energy flow in the body and restore equilibrium.

Shiatsu is a form of natural bodywork that involves pressure on the acupressure points to affect the body’s internal vital energy flow, and so benefit health.

Medium to firm pressure

Pressure Point Massage

90min     |     $120.00

Promote circulation and flexibility with Traditional Thai techniques and foot reflexology to energise mind and body. 

Thai massage works by physically moving and stretching the joints, muscles and ligaments in the body facilitating relaxation and the free flow of energy through the meridians in the body.

A firm and energetic massage.

Thai Yoga Massage

90min     |     $120.00

Add this stress busting massage to any treatment for pure relaxation. Release neck and shoulder tension and re-balance the spine

Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage

30min     |     $40.00