La Clinica for Body

A luxurious, smoothing exfoliating mask for all skin types except sensitive. Using the exfoliating biological enzymes Papain (Paw Paw), Bromelain (Pineapple) and Actinidin (Kiwi) to help remove dead skin cells, promote cell renewal, clean pores and improve the skin’s texture and elasticity by accelerating the natural processes of cellular turnover and renewal. This multifunctional Exfoliation & Masque includes Steam & Shower.

2in1 Fruit Enzyme Exfoliation

45min     |     $60.00

A deeply relaxing and nurturing treatment to unwind the body, calm the mind and soothe the soul. 

With the intoxicating aroma of Coconut, Honey, and Vanilla, this mask is a soothing and relaxing treatment for even the most sensitive of skin. A rich creamy scrub with ground macadamia and almond work to buff and slough away dead skin, leaving the body feeling refreshed and smooth as silk. This cocoon wrap designed to provide intense hydration and deliver essential nutrients to the skin is earth’s equivalent of a warm embrace from the heavens. 
This spa treatment with Jasmine & Ylang Ylang is a must for frayed nerves and stressed minds.

Honey & Cocont Cocoon Wrap

1 hr     |     $95.00

A warming Mask that uses active minerals and plant essences to draw out impurities, leaving skin and body feeling lighter, smoother and relaxed. 

Deep cleansing, revitalising and oxygenating Ionic Purification Minerals revitalise skin that has gone into “hibernation” working like a mini sauna
as it lightly warms on the skin. Ideal for all skin types except very sensitive. This treatment is designed for total body rebalancing, using some of earth’s powerful elements, including the mineral Zeolite.
**Not suitable during pregnancy or breast-feeding.

Deep Earth Mineral Treatment

1 hr     |     $95.00