Advanced Cosmetic Procedures are a speciality treatment which uses either

Short Wave Diathermy or Blend Electrolysis to treat unwanted skin blemishes

with no mark left on the skin.

With our Sterex Blend Technology we are able to safely and successfully

remove and reduce the following skin conditions:

Red Veins (telangiectasia)  ~  Spider Veins (spider naevi)  -  Blood Spots (Campbell de Morgan)

Moles  ~  Whiteheads (Milia)  ~  Warts (common, plane & verrucas)  ~  Skin Tags

Seborrhoeic Warts  ~  Dermatosis Papulosa Nigra  ~  and many more!


 While Electrolysis is better known as a permanent hair removal procedure,

electrical current can also be used to remove skin blemishes

such as skin tags, warts and thread veins.

The electrical current passes down a probe and into the skin where it

effectively cauterises the blemish enabling it to be removed. 

Many skin blemishes are now safely, quickly, easily and successfully removed

using the latest Electrolysis techniques without the need for surgery.

#Please note that some skin conditions require the assessment of your

GP before treatment can procede.

To book this service please contact the salon on

(08) 9453 2018 for a complimentary consultation.

20min     |     $35.00

30min     |     $50.00

Advanced Cosmetic Procedures

60min     |     $90.00